FAQ & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our focus at Sharon’s School of Dance and Gymnastics is highly effective teaching in conjunction with a gratifying and safe learning space. Our students learn step-by-step in a non-threatening and nurturing environment. Under the supervision of our experienced instructors, they learn to tackle challenges, overcome fears, and express themselves confidently, all while having fun!


How often do we meet for class?

Each student will meet for their registered class once each week. Please note, fees are monthly.

Example: Suzie studies gymnastics every Tuesday at 6 o’clock, her monthly fee is $30 for that entire month.

How and when do we pay?

Please refer to our Gym and Studio Policies

What do we wear for class?

Please refer to our Dress Code

Must my child participate in the Gym Expo or Showtime at the end of the year?

No. Gymnasts can continue class through April and not participate in the Expo. Dancers can continue class through the first week of May and not participate in Showtime.

Can my child bring a drink to class?

Yes, water bottles are encouraged. Water is the only beverage acceptable for classes.

Do you offer adult or ballroom classes?

Unfortunately, no.