Our Dance Classes

SSD&G offers a wide variety of dance classes taught by experienced and dedicated instructors! On this page you will find information about each genre of dance class that we offer as well as our pricing information.

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Taking Your Dancer’s Education & Training to the Next Level

Becoming a great dancer or gymnast requires commitment and dedication. Bringing your child to every class and practice that you can will improve their skills and increase their confidence.

When your child notices that you are devoted to making that time commitment, they too will begin to appreciate the hard work and dedication to follow their dreams!

What most SSD&G students find exciting about learning perseverance is noticing improvement as a result of hard work. The whole process, as with patience, relies on attentiveness.

Keeping your child involved in classes will maintain their strength, technique and growth.

SSD&G offers many opportunities for students to perform and be a part of a team. Everyone is expected to contribute the same amount of effort as the next person.

Teaching your child to think about others rather than just themselves is an important lesson to learn in the dance/gymnastics environment and used throughout life experiences.

Class Pricing

Dance Monthly Fees

1 Class ---------------------------------- $30/Month
2 Classes ------------------------------ $57/Month
3 Classes ------------------------------ $84/Month
4 Classes ------------------------------ $111/Month
5 Classes ------------------------------ $138/Month
Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Tech ---------- $100/Month (Advanced Lines Only)
Semi-Private ------------------------- $80/Month
Private ---------------------------------- $95/Month